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  • The hotel displays many different artworks of young and established Georgian Artists.

Levan Songulashvili

Levan Songulashvili is one of the most prominent Georgian-born New york-based visual artists. His paintings and installations are kept in galleries, museums, public and private art collections worldwide. Associo - this is how Levan Songulashvili has named his first ever monumental mural that is embellishing Monograph Lounge. The Mural harmoniously fits with the interior design and leads to various associations among guests and creates meditative atmosphere. Guests can find the artist's two other graphic works in the Restaurant Sominee, where Meskhetian traditional bread silhouettes are creating planetary world on a 3-meter-wide graphic artworks painted on a rice paper with Asian calligraphy brushes and Japanese ink.

Tamar Menteshashvili

Is a leading Georgian Architect founder of architectural company Dmark. She has been part of a number of crucial renovation, art and fashion projects. She, in collaboration with MOTIF Elements, has created 18 portraits of famous personas that visited Georgia exclusively for Monograph. Tamar has used one-line art technique.

Tamuna Chikovani

Is a well-known artist and a member of the Union of Artists of Tbilisi. Her works have been exhibited in art epicentres of Today such as New York City, Paris, London. The motivation underlying the number of works exhibited inside the walls of Monograph Freedom Square vary from musical rhythms, mysteries of light to daily bread as a force of life.

Irina Salmina

Is a ceramic artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Following her passion, she switched her career from network engineering to ceramic arts. She opened her own ceramic studio in 2017 and since then she has achieved a number of national and international acclamations. Her special creations enrich the art scenery of Monograph. Both Rhythm _ a closest phenomenon to a texture of the desert sand and Singulariy _ a representation of cosmic infinity and minimalistic beauty are two of the very precious pieces.

Other Artists

Explore other artists that contribute to cultural image of Monograph

Maka Tateshvili

Is an interior designer and artist who has lead different interesting projects both in Georgia and in Europe. She is also actively involved in helping furure generation of architects and designers to deepen their knowledge of industrial and product design. Her works: Manichaesim inspired by black and white bipolar philosophy and based on “It is impossible to know the earth. You just need to feel are among an exceptional collection of Monograph.

Salome Chigilashvili

Is a young multimedia artist, who mostly works on sculpture, painting, found objects often using threads and plaster as main materials. Her works have gained popularity both on national and international levels. Her work From Horizon To Horizon is an attempt to transmit the energy of the line, the horizon binding the sky to the sea on canvas. The artwork is created with a mixed technique: water paints and embroidery.

Malkaz Shvelidze

Finds it hard define whether he is a potter or a sculptor. His artworks have been manifested in many galleries, museums, private events all over the world and are kept in private collections of Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Georgia, Italy, The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, USA. He attempts to create his own mythology playing with mysticism of ancient civilizations, smile and old materials. Guests can have a pleasure to view his Neoarchaism sculpture on the first floor of Monograph.