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Here, everything has a story to tell. Monographs about travels, and the old art of story-telling, that is what we are all about as every guest adds a new entry in the long chain of travel views, creating an experience growing into the future; a place where the past and future meet.


Hotel Monograph Freedom Square was designed by studio Proact.e with inspiration-giving vibes. The hotel features artworks and crafts reflecting Georgian culture presented with a contemporary touch.
Project realization and carefully selected concept based product supply by Motif Design Elements.

Internationally renowned brand Giopato & Coombes in collaboration with Proact.e studio has created a custom-made Chandelier exclusively for Monograph hotel, which has incorporated the elements of the Georgian alphabet. Sculptor chandelier represents one of the most valuable national treasures "Praise and Exaltation of the Georgian Language" a mystic poem, full of numerological symbolism and biblical allusions.

Italian finest brand B&B Italia and Maxalto furniture adorns the hotel, taking comfort and convenience to the next level. Scent Milano has taken care of producing a special scent for the entire hotel, The scent synthesizes the notes of Black Pepper & Black Wood.

A combination of color, light, and texture creates spaces with warmth and elegance. Minimalistic ambiance with confidence, interior with personality. The details are the ones that speak the most in the surrounding full of discovery.

Levan Songulashvili
Levan Songulashvili
Tamar Menteshashvili
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Art is a principal part of class and elegance that serve as the initial values of MONOGRAPH. In fact it has always been the driving force of Georgian culture with its multiple facets. Hence, the art pieces by established artists as well as rising stars, such as Tamar Menteshashvili, Irina Salmina, Tamuna Chikovani, Malkhaz Shvelidze, Maka Tateshvili and Salome Chigilashvili complete our philosophy. Furthermore, MONOGRAPH Freedom Square proudly exhibits the first ever mural ASSOCIO by one of the most successful Georgian artists Levan Songulashvili together with his 3-meter-long graphic artwork on a rice paper.

Levan Songulashvili
Levan Songulashvili
Tamar Menteshashvili

History & Location

In the 18th century, it was a major trading center and allowed travelers to rest and recover from their journeys. The Hotel was renovated several times since the 19th century but maintained its authentic exterior. Since then, the building continued to be one of the city’s trading places, representing a new era of European city development.

Tbilisi by Monograph

Monograph takes special care of our guest experience. Our team is always ready to recommend insider tips, may this be a trip outside the city, sightseeing or a culinary exploration.

Wine & Dine

If you are looking for the best authentic Georgian cuisine with Georgian Folk Music and Dance, then the “Georgian House” restaurant is the place to visit. Their “Khinkali” (local dumplings) or “Churchkhela” making process (local delight made from nuts and grape juice) is a “one-of-a-kind” experience.

Art & Culture

Tbilisi is famous for its historical places and our history and cultural heritage are visible in several museums mostly located in the city center, close to Monograph Freedom Square. The hotel displays many different artworks of young and famous Georgian artists.

You may take a walk from Freedom Square to Meidan Square, and after passing the Metekhi Bridge, you can take an enjoyable walk up to the medieval fortress “Narikala”. For an unforgettable experience, we recommend visiting it during sunset.

You will be able to enjoy two different sceneries of Tbilisi – shining in the day and illuminated at night. If you desire to take a stroll in nature, we recommend visiting places like Turtle Lake, Lisi Lake, or the famous Tbilisi Botanical Garden.


Tbilisi is famous for its professional health experiences, may that be in its historic Sulphur baths that make your skin flawless or modern Skin & Hair procedures that are provided by the professional team of NUAGE Aesthetic Clinics and KEUNE Beauty Salons.